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Kboovo Affiliate Marketing Training

10 Modules 10 Lessons Beginner to Advanced

About this course

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Kboovo's free affiliate marketing training for beginners.

You've just accessed the most comprehensive free affiliate marketing training for beginners you will find anywhere!

Because of Kboovo's software, tools, resources and real marketing automation being built into one amazing affiliate marketing platform we've  'RAISED THE BAR' on what beginner level affiliate training should look like.

The course begins with teaching you the basics in a NEW software assisted learning format while introducing you to intermediate level training as well as some advanced aspects that will prepare you for Kboovo's Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training.

Think of Kboovo's affiliate marketing training as an "Apprenticeship" where all the tools are provided for you in conjunction with the training.  For instance, as you learn about keyword research you will learn by using Kboovo's keyword research tools (There is no need for you to purchase any outside tools).  As you progress through your training you will be introduced to some of the more advanced aspects of affiliate marketing.  Through the training and use of Kboovo's features & tools you will learn how to...

  • Discover Profitable Markets/Niches
  • Perform Quality Keyword Research
  • Analyze Market/Niche Competition
  • Perform Quality Domain Research
  • Use Domain Best Practices
  • Register a Top Level Domain
  • Install WordPress and Register Kboovo Plugins
  • Create Search Engine and Visitor Optimized Content
  • Perform On Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Product Research
  • Website Monetization
  • Attract Organic Traffic

Upon completion of this course you will have your first affiliate website live and ready to earn you commissions.  You will have gained the skills necessary to learn and implement more advanced affiliate & digital marketing strategies.  Advanced marketing & SEO strategies are available to you in Kboovo's Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training Course.

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Course Structure

1 Lesson

Niche Discovery

Choosing the right market from the start is essential to achieving great results.

1 Lesson

Niche Research

Learn how to find your niche using Kboovo's niche research feature

Finding Your Niche

How to use Kboovo's niche research to help determine a potentially profitable niche/market

1 Lesson

Niche Evaluation

Steps on evaluating potentially profitable niche markets

Further in Depth Research to Evaluate Your Niche

How to evaluate niche markets to determine profitability 

1 Lesson

Keyword Research

Discovering quality keyword research

Keyword Research Using Kboovo

Performing keyword research for secondary and supporting keywords

1 Lesson

Domain Research

Domain research using  Kboovo

Domain Research Best Practices

Discover domain best practices and how to use Kboovo's domain research features.

1 Lesson

Optimized Content

SEO and visitor optimized content

Creating SEO and Visitor Optimized Content

Creating search engine and visitor optimized content that increases your rank, lower's bounce rate and keeps visitors coming back!

1 Lesson

Hosting, Your Site Needs A Home

Hosting with Kboovo and on your own servers

How to Host with Kboovo or On Your Own Servers

Here's how to host your websites and auto-instal Wordpress with Kboovo's Wordpress hosting or you can add your own servers to self host.

1 Lesson

SEO SILO Structure

Discover the ranking power of SILO structuring

Creating SEO SILO Websites with Kboovo’s SILO feature

Learn about SEO SILO structure and how it can help you to rank higher for more competitive keywords

1 Lesson

Monetizing Your Website

Monetizing your website with Kboovo

Monetizing Your Website with Kboovo

How to monetize your website with Kboovo using Amazon, Walmart, eBay, AliExpress, Clickbank and Bonanza.  Also includes Google AdSense.